Employment woes

This, really struck a chord in me.

And maybe more other people who’s involved in the job of employing people.

And I realised I was not the only one.

One issue that has become a challenge for many businesses is excessive job-hopping. This has come about only because of our economic success and a very tight labour market.

– Victor Mills

I had tonnes of applicants. Chose a few for interviews. Asked some questions, and let an insight of what to expect in the job scope. Asked if they are really sure of taking up the job and whether there are any issues they need to raise. And we were really frank. Like the job requires a lot of data entry cos we understand not all people can bear with so much data entry, sometimes they might be required to stay back a bit late due to heavy shipments…blah blah. All said no problem confidently.

Like what Mr Mills had mentioned, some turned up one day for the job and disappeared. Can’t get through them on the phone. Some worked for a few days. Said feeling sick when we managed to get her on the phone. Thereafter never to turn up also.

Some took MC 1-2 days every week. Very disruptive cos we do not know when to teach them stuff properly when we do not even know if they will turn up.

Or when we thought that this person will stay (mind you, we frequently asked if they face any problems with their work and they said no problem) so we started teaching them more stuff, which is not like mountains of it, doesn’t require hair-tearing moments, then they disappear without a trace.

My poor gal ended up teaching a lot of people with a lot of time wasted.

Unfortunately when we have got one whom seemed to be interested and coping well, but due to personal reasons for someone in her family, she had to leave cos she wasn’t very comfortable having to take so many unpaid leave to take care of her parent who is having health issues.

And mind you, the job is not even so stressful. It was just a normal coordinator job which require only basic skills.

Distance is also another issue.

I know of an industrial fragrance company which invested $25 million in Singapore. But they could not get a Singaporean to do the job. No matter what they paid, there were no takers because there was no direct bus or train. Also, nobody could tahan (Malay for tolerate) the smell at the plant.

– Victor Mills

This reminded me of E’s woes on getting people to do the job.

His company is located at an industrial area which there is no MRT right next to it. Best thing was, the address was indicated in the job ad. Someone actually said (I’ve also gotten one potential candidate who cited the same reason when we asked her to come for interview) that they didn’t want the job/come for interview because the workplace is not very accessible or far from their home (my workplace is next to MRT station by the way).

I was like, hello, then why you still send in your application when the workplace is so evidently published in the ad?

Really a waste of time. Either they didn’t bother reading what the job really require or just blindly apply for a job hoping to cast their nets far and wide so they have more chances and choices.

What happened to the good old days where people really set their mind to do a job rather than taking it as a tool for passing time or a just-in-case-a-better-job-offer-will-come-in-a-few-days’-time? Or ‘I will try out this for a year or two before deciding this is right for me’, rather than being quick to say ‘this job is not for me’ after one day?

Or someone who would not say “the work place is too far from home I don’t want the job” (this is Singapore for heaven’s sake. Just imagine you work in Malaysia or even Jakarta where you have distance and traffic woes much worse than here!

Gift exchange

I am a person who does not purposely give a gift during Christmas. Not because of my religion, but sometimes I feel quite useless to do so.

Except unless of cos it’s due to the party in office then I will go buy something. #nochoice

Some people end up buying some useless stuff for others cos for the sake of it. In fact, I do not even practise giving back a gift just because someone buys something for me. But of cos, this does not mean that I am not thankful of the gift. These are basically two different things.

Why do I not return a gift right after?

First, I will be pressured to buy something just for the sake of buying. And what usually happens is that I end up buying something which might not be needed at all. Then they become redundant and wasted. Who wins? The stores. I’m sure you see a lot of gift bundles that miraculously appear in the shop displays every Dec. The same type of gift bundles. Same items in a box. I’m not sure if they came out straight from the storerooms everytime, but I sure am not surprised if they are leftovers from last year’s.

Second, I end up doing shopping at the last minute and torture myself to fight with others in the huge throngs of crowd and jams on the road. Not to mention parking woes. I don’t really fancy all that pressure of space fighting and waiting.

But…that does not mean I do not reciprocate. Just at different times of the year.

For close friends who give me presents, I reciprocate by giving them goodies during CNY or Mooncake Festival, where they really celebrate. Or during birthdays I splurge more for them which I can devote a bigger budget for a better gift.

For those others, I will probably give occasional treats or buy a drink or two during the course of the year. Isn’t that more meaningful than giving something which he/she might not even use it? At least I get more time to think what’s suitable.

Plus, you give something because you want to, and it should usually be from the bottom of your heart. Not giving for the sake of giving and whatsoever.

Dispute referee

Nowadays I’m trying to be a bit more diplomatic in handling things.

And the best way to do this? Trying to be more empathetic. It has been a trying period for all of us, and tempers are flying off the roof more often than usual. And when tempers go over the limit, many ugly words will be spewed out in public.

I do not mind that much if occasionally people need to complain due to frustration and anger, but I hate it when arguments ferment into spats that resemble 2 petty kids quarrelling over things, like people trying to argue their way through to make the other party guilty of the mistake. I see no point in doing that especially when the mistake has been made. And the best thing to do will always be to channel all these effort to solve the issue rather than to be like some beings to be so strong-headed just to prove your point. As long as the mistake is being identified and that the erroneous party realised it’s some error which should not be made again, I thought the point has been made.

Seriously I was a bit miffed the other day when the same party started all the rambling and verbal insults during one argument. But I controlled myself from interfering cos I reasoned with myself and then I took it as a moment of frustration release. Plus another person had tried to stop her from continuing her rantings before it affected all the others with the sharp words and tone she was using. However when the same thing happened again today, I know I had to stop it when it continued to a second round as the other colleague tried to rile her into starting another potential big fight.

I do not mind if people wants to rant (I do the same thing to release stress sometimes) but I feel that if the argument continues the effect of it will affect the other colleagues’ mood since everyone is subjected to more stress than what we have previously and tempers are inevitably short.

Which is what I do not want – to subject the others to more emotional stress unnecessarily.

And I see no reason to build a defensive wall and to bear a grudge between colleagues because that will make work more tedious as before. What for?

Just hope that this difficult time passes soon so that everyone can afford to be more relaxed than now.

Anger management

Some irritating soul pissed me off this morning and I had to control myself to go off before I did something drastic.

First I had parked myself and turned off the engine. Then this lady who came behind me seemed to have some difficulty going in (like some people do with parallel parking), so I thought, ok, maybe I will go out again and let her park in, then I park my car back.

To think my good intentions were abused. I should have just walked off and ignore her. It wasn’t my obligation anyway, since I was already out of the car.

What pissed me off was:

  1. She insisted that I park within the lot (which there actually wasn’t I will explain later). I told her that if I go in any further, I will not be able to go out later. She refused to listen and said that she is afraid that her car will have problems if she parked out of the lot.
  2. When I 好心 and reversed to move my car out of the lot to let her park first, she kept honking at me meaning to refuse to let me reverse. My initial thought was I was too close to her and she was scared I will bang into her car, but no. So I continued reversing while she kept honking at me. By then I was a bit hot already.
  3. The space left for her was about 1.5 car lots. Maybe I was stupid to think that she still had difficulty parking with such a big lot space cos she seemed to keep nearing the pillar beside her when she was trying to park.

First, there wasn’t really lots there. It used to be, but the lines got faded and I think the management’s intention was not to put lots there so left them fading, though we tenants (and other guests) to the building just continued to park there. So it was like an unspoken rule (I should have told her there were not lots there and all of us were parking illegally pfft). So inevitably the cars in front also do not really park well into ‘lots’, which sometimes leaves a big space on certain days.

Then the space for this lady was like 1.5 car lots. Why insist to park in a lot so nicely? Plus her car was a hatchback so even it was a bit out of my ‘lot’ then it shouldn’t bother too much cos she needed lesser car space with no ‘car butt’! Plus she was the last car in the whole row. Technically no other car can park behind her.

In the end I just got back into my car and told her “if you want (the lot so desperately) you just take it” and drove off to the higher floors. There were already some cars behind which couldn’t pass cos of her.

Some OCD is it? Now when I think of it, I wonder why I’m so kind hearted to her.

Not the first time I got into situations with non-Singaporeans in the same building somemore, but seriously?

Last time some non-Singaporean also looked like she was scolding me (which I couldn’t hear what cos it was behind the glass doors) which I have no freaking idea why. I was preparing to pick my stuff from the car and I realised she refused to get into the lift and kept staring at me. She actually did take a lift to some floor. When I was walking off to the lift, the same lift door actually opened again and she started saying something (was a bit aggressive too) to me before she closed the lift door again.

I was like, huh?

All I want to say is, if you are not happy here pls go back to where you belong to.

(I’m not trying to be a racist or anti-foreigner with my entry here, and I usually treat these people courteously because to me they are guests in our country and most of them are courteous back to the locals. Unfortunately, there are indeed some non-Singaporean drivers and people around me who really disregard this fact and behave in a way like we owe them something, or being aggressive and rude on the streets and roads)

Up close and personal with the i8

Went to PML on Saturday just to window shop…they’d got some IG print thing going on, which in the end I didn’t join cos they just left for the day. I think we spent a few hours (amazingly) there. It got rather busy when late afternoon came.

Saw the i8 also. Can I say this was a private showcase too? No seeing other people molesting the car like at the BMW World! Hahaha. Actually you have to be brought up by the staff there. It was hiding at one of the floors of the PML building. Need staff access to get in there.

And finally, I could take as many pix as I liked. With no photobombers, and I could even take a selfie! It has nice bright natural light from outside too. No test driving though, unfortunately. They are sold for this year, so if you wanna get one, pls queue up for next year’s batch.

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Ate a lot for the past week, also partly due to the fact that my colleagues from the other office was in town.

There was a housewarming party at W’s place on National Day, so I went armed with the watermelon salad I did last time.

I usually don’t like making food measuring the amount (also cos I can get lazy measuring precise amounts ha), so for this I just used my gut. Or rather to add more stuff which I like. Felt that this time, the salad didn’t really taste up to my standard, although all of them finished the whole portion I did.

Thing to note: using fresh feta and olives instead of those bottled. Fresh feta crumbles nicely when shaken, so the cheese spreads over a larger portion.

Pine nuts: should add them only right before serving. Because of the dressing and juice from the watermelon, it soaked the pine seeds so it lost its crunch.

And to add more dressing. Perhaps the next round I should just add balsamic vinegar instead of dressing (which had olive oil).

Added arugula leaves to add a hint of bitterness. Which was not bad.

One thing to note was, this salad should be served really cold. Especially if you serve this on a hot day. Super delicious.

Rest of the nite we played Wii and continued snacking – cheeses, fruits, titbits. Never went hungry at all.

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Sometimes I can be quite the klutz…

Yesterday I hurt my knee when I wanted to cross over the dogs’ gate, and my left knee ended up hitting the pillar which left a red mark. 

Just now, was walking from the boot to the driver’s seat after putting my stuff, and I kicked the carpark lot barrier like, really hard. Like kicking a ball, except that it didn’t move like one. Guess who won?

I was like, owwwwwwwww~

Damn pain. Could feel the throbbing on and off, and some of the veins also aching. Luckily I didn’t end up falling on the floor.

So that’s why sometimes I end up with a lot of blue blacks / wounds around.


Really incredible people

I find some people really incredible.

Ok, maybe this kind of behaviour isn’t in my blood so I don’t understand how it goes. But this morning I seriously wanna smack someone.

Someone expert in playing tai-chi.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is because of these people that some things fail.

I always believe in laying the right foundation to build things properly so that the structure will remain good and firm. So I don’t understand why people take such foundation building lightly. Conveniently say ‘no time’ and try to brush off what was said earlier.

Thinking about it make me want to go GAHHHH again.

And people who’s like prata man. Flip as and when they like.

This morning, say one thing. 4 hours later, totally different thing.

I was like, stunned.

Seriously, nowadays I really don’t know who to trust.

Crazy week

Felt all my energy zapped out today. Coffee didn’t help.

I dunno why, but I woke up like very late this morning. I think it was the build up for the whole week. Other than the shock that kinda make me jump out of bed, the rest of the morning I worked like a zombie. Literally half asleep on the way driving to office, and barely finishing my rolled oats breakfast, I had to go for meeting.

Which required my intense concentration.

And also I had to act like I was wide awake. Haha.

Then after the first intense meeting, I went for the second meeting. Told my colleague to start the second meeting, before my adrenaline dips off and I start feeling drained.

Got out of the meeting with tons of unread messages greeting me on my phones. Come to think of it, I think I haven’t gone thru what came on my personal phone.

So I decided to take things slow and had a slightly longer lunch. And coffee.

But I didn’t feel perked up after coffee. Maybe my body no longer stays awake with caffeine.

Then it’s time to go for a third meeting. Like now.

Can’t wait for the day to end. Need to go grocery shopping later to prepare for tomorrow’s potluck/housewarming.

I hope I don’t end up doing retail therapy or any implulsive buying.

Ristorante Takada – Italian by Japanese

Ok, I flooded my IG and FB with the food photos last week, and here I am again talking about the same thing.

Went to V’s new restaurant last Thursday to try out the food, and I had a memorable meal.

So when Boss asked to join last nite, I went again (this time I no need to pay hee hee), but basically to lend support to V, and of cos I don’t mind eating the same food again since they are good.

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Words in my head

Do what you think is right.

Even if you get misunderstood by people.

I have my best intentions in doing some things. If others want to think otherwise then I am not stopping, nor able to stop what you want to think.

If after so many years others still do not understand me, then I guess it was my bad luck to assume that you know me very well.

Things of the past

The other day, while I was searching for something (I forgot what I was looking for), I chanced upon some stuff which I had when young.

Like the autograph books we wrote during primary school, some play cards, bookmarks, idol cards, and many knick knacks I used to collect when young.

And also the diary I had written when like more than 10 years ago? Anyway, I remembered that diary – it was just some yearly diary in red that some construction company gave out to people…like organisers which some people still gives out now.

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Goodbye my school…

Earlier this week, students from Tanglin Secondary, and those in seven other schools with low enrolment, heard that their schools will be merged in 2016.

The Ministry of Education said yesterday that Tanglin Secondary will combine with Clementi Woods Secondary, and be based at the site of the former on West Coast Road.

First Toa Payoh Secondary will merge with Bartley Secondary and operate out of Bartley’s campus; Ping Yi Secondary in Chai Chee will absorb Bedok Town Secondary; and Chestnut Drive Secondary will merge with Fajar Secondary.


With sadness, we read that our secondary school is one of those chosen to merge with another school, and which its name will cease to nothingness.

When it underwent renovation some years ago, we were sad cos the whole compound lost the whole inital look, with sections of the building moving to different areas.

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I eat

This was from a wall next to a shop selling mixed fruit juices. They also recommend what blend of fruit juices for what kind of effects.

Thought it looked rather attractive with all the colors of different fruits together and also how they sum up to become a nice mural on the wall.

The colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas
~~ Edvard Munch

My initial order was Chasoba with Gindara Teriyaki, but because they ran out of Chasoba, I cancelled the fish and ordered Chirashi Don.

Was stunned when the dish came. Came in a plate! Plastic plate somemore. Doesn’t look at all how I was usually presented with this dish. Looked a bit low standard. Realised later they served it like they serve zhap chai bng….hahaha

When I moved the fish around (like above), I saw that the rice was also topped with seaweed. The fish was also thickly sliced and tasted rather fresh.

Presentation – 0, Freshness – 1

At least it tasted quite good.

A cup of tea

Tea is also a sort of spiritual refreshment, an elixir of clarity and wakeful tranquility. Respectfully preparing tea and partaking of it mindfully create heart-to-heart conviviality, a way to go beyond this world and enter a realm apart. No pleasure is simpler, no luxury cheaper, no consciousness-altering agent more benign.

~James Norwood Pratt

Bangkok March 2014

Sorry for the sudden influx of trip posts. Nowadays it’s much easier to load photos on IG.


Made a quick trip to BKK end of March, almost a last minute decision just cos I have not been there for some time.

G’s fren was there too; he was in Singapore for some days and decided to enroute to BKK too during the weekend.

It was very hot during the trip. Just go out for a few minutes you’ll start to perspire like mad. And the room wasn’t that super ideal cos it caught the afternoon sun.

Had to close the blinds in the day so that the sun rays don’t come in too much and make the room super hot. But the nite view was good.

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Maldives in 23 – 28 Dec 2013

Yeah I know. Backlog of trip posts.

Finished the festive celebration in office on Friday and flew off the next day on Saturday at night. SQ was just having a huge promotion to Male, which even the travel agent found it unbelievable. Thought it was because Tiger Airways launched Male as their new destination thus the promo came.

People asked me why I didn’t go and dive during the trip. Well, I meant to really relax myself. Then I didn’t bring any gear at all. And then, heard from those who dived that the sea was rather choppy and big currents around.

Not to what I had already set my mind for this trip. Total relax. ;P

Arrived late in the night at Male. There was also a group of people coming in from KL on similar timing flights, so we waited together to go on the boat to the main liveaboard.

Didn’t sleep immediately upon reaching. Had a short chat before retiring for the nite.

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London in Nov 2013

My maiden trip to London!

Taking two 10-hour-plus flights within a month is a bit tiring. But since it was a leisure trip and not a red-eye flight, it didn’t turn out to be so bad after all.

The location of the hotel was good. Double Tree by Hilton Hyde Park. The main Hilton was about 5 minutes walk down the road, which was just next to the train station. But the extra 5 minutes for a relatively cheaper stay was worth it. At least for that extra bit of money, we could get the suite room.

Weather was quite cold, and raining for some days. It was even colder on the day we left London, which we were thankful for. At least there were sun for most days, so it wasn’t overly cold when the wind blew.

A hot cookie from the warmer upon our arrival (plus we were hungry too) was literally a warm welcome for us.

They were so good, we bought a few tins back home. Big and chewy and with loads of chocolate chips.

Dinner was at Zizzi several buildings from the hotel, and the Italian fare there was pretty good to make us go back there for a second time. The platter we ordered to share, actually filled me up even before my main course came. Luckily we were sharing a few main courses too.

The next day was an early day for me, due to jetlag. Though I was really tired from travelling the whole day before. Checked my emails, then out I went.

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Sick at the wrong time

Two nites ago. Was fighting a fever after struggling to work in the office. I had a churning stomach and then was feeling pukish in the day which worsened as the day progresses.

I went off work earlier, and after a shower immediately got into bed. That was it. Fever started spiking, and worse still, it was starting to storm outside and no one to drive me to the clinic. So I started to google around to see what should be the temperature I have to make a trip to the doctor. And something interesting which I found out – a fever comes to fight viruses so I should not take any medication to bring it down before it completes its work (for adults la; kids pls do not try this).

So I dozed off and back for every 1.5-2 hours, waking up mainly to check my temperature. Probably about 2am before it stabilised to around 38.  But I was aching so badly so I had problem falling asleep probably until past 4am.

Went to the doctor the next morning, she gave an even longer list of foods which I cannot eat. Basically now I could only eat porridge, or bread, juice (no citrus / fruits / veg though!). Noodle soup was ok but no soup (!!!), and I can only take liquids about 1 hour after food to prevent the food from absorbing the liquid and make my tummy bloated. No tea, coffee, raw foods (including salads, sushi, sashimi), dairy, oily, spicy…list goes on. The way the doctor described – she was so against salads; to her it’s not substantial enough cos no carbo.

She chided me for only eating 3 pieces of fruits for the whole day before. Can’t help it cos that was the only things I could bring down my throat. All others make me want to throw up.

But at least temperature had gone down to 37.3.

And so, it looked like I could only take porridge or a little portion of rice (which I tried). She wanted to me take some (selective) solids at every meal.

Gonna just look at people eat my usual fav foods at the dinners lined up for the next few days.  -_-|||

The only thing was, I managed to shave off 2kg off my usual weight.